Financial asset management software

The money which companies and business owners have in hand is considered to be a financial asset. With it along comes a set of different decisions financial asset managers need to choose from to be able to use their assets effectively, wasting little to no less resource in the process. There are several factors that … [Read more…]

Portfolio Accounting Software

Efficiency and accuracy in portfolio accounting are those needed in investments and investment companies should ensure these things can happen, for all their clients’ satisfaction as well as building value. If investment companies are with several years of experience in this field, and they have also the global client investors, they can provide this, especially … [Read more…]

Real Time Market Data

A trading platform that investment companies find ideal to use can be one built with many professional features and data that can be accessed easily and also where one finds ease in use. This is one where the traders will have flexibility in the use, have the wide range of features, and multiple support they … [Read more…]

Investment Accounting

Investment firms have their ways in attracting potential new clients, and while they are keeping their present clients continuously liking what they offer and the services they give, they are devising ways to attract new ones. It is with Investment Accounting programs that they have the specialized services offered and through this way, increase also … [Read more…]

Getting the Edge with an Investment Management System

Portfolio investing is one of the hottest businesses that one can have through the internet. You do not need to have an office with a dozen employees to run this type of business. All that you need to have is a computer and a stable internet connection and you could already start. However, while having … [Read more…]

Why IBOR is Good for Your Business


Portfolio investments may seem to be a very potential source of steady income. In fact, the income that you would get would surely be so much bigger than that of the average salary earner. However, you should also realize that there are also situations that could make or break your business. It is best that … [Read more…]

Investment Book of Records is a Must Have


It may not be accurate to say that you could never have a good night’s sleep whenever you have to manage a lot of portfolio investments. This could be true in some respects considering that you may actually wake up one day with some, if not all of these, are gone. Indeed, owning portfolio investments … [Read more…]

Portfolio Tracking Software


If you are an investor it can be likely that you want also to know your investment returns, but you want it also done yourself, for confidentiality. This can be a tough job to do because you have to track your contributions, the reinvested dividends made and others. With Portfolio Tracking Software however, this can … [Read more…]

Position Management: A Key to a Successful Business

position management

Building your position in all asset classes requires careful planning in the use of your resources when investing into alien territories. This is an essential element when strengthening the foundation of your business as well as widening its branches as it engulfs new and big opportunities. This makes position management a very important process of … [Read more…]

The Flaws Found on Dodd Frank Regulations

position management

Perhaps the longest drafted bill that was passed and implemented by the US government by far, the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was set to promote healthier and less risky economic environment to completely avoid the same 2008 economic crisis from happening again. As an abstract to many economic regulations, Dodd … [Read more…]