5 Fund Management Software for Your Assets

fund management

Fund management software can help your business stay profitable by reducing the inefficiencies and  er heller ikke altid nemtkeeping track of your assets in you’re the infrastructure of your company. Some programs can streamline the logistics of your business to decrease the number of employees you need. Asset management software can also keep track of … [Read more…]

Using Excel for Investment Performance Measurement

investment performance measurement

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet program used by amateur and professional investors alike. This program provides simple cells, formula and graphs in a user-friendly format. For investment performance measurement, simply set up the cells according to the asset types and change in asset prices. This spreadsheet can be continually updated so that you will … [Read more…]

Benefits of a Collateral Management System

portfolio management solution

The process of putting up collateral in exchange for a loan has long been a part of the lending process between businesses. With more institutions seeking credit, along with the introduction of new forms of technology, the scope of collateral management system has grown. Increased risks in the field of finance have inspired greater responsibility … [Read more…]