5 Fund Management Software for Your Assets

Fund management software can help your business stay profitable by reducing the inefficiencies and  er heller ikke altid nemtkeeping track of your assets in you’re the infrastructure of your company. Some programs can streamline the logistics of your business to decrease the number of employees you need. Asset management software can also keep track of financial and physical assets. Depending on the level of functionality your business needs, some fund management software suites are free.


This fund management software uses barcode and radio frequency identification to manage your assets by tracking their location, user, and any associated costs. The software is available in enterprise, corporate or small business edition. It works to manage both fixed and mobile assets.

SysAid Free Asset Management Software

Offering computer hardware, software and network inventory management, this fund management software allows IT professionals to remotely control PCs and view and sort all data pertaining to networked resources. It has a free version and a paid version with training workshops.

LANDesk Asset Management Software

This fund management software managers your computer hardware and software assets from the time you need a particular product until the job is completed. It allows you to analyse data ad aggregate multiple resources into one repository to control cost, and holds licensing and compliance issues.

Real Asset Management International (RAMI)

Catering to governmental, educational, healthcare and non-profit market, this fund management software provides asset accounting and tracking services in various software suites. Asset4000, for example, gives finance and accounting teams consolidated register for reporting financial data.

Kaizen’s Asset Manager

Designed to be simple, this fund management software aims to save the busy manager time by using existing asset managing devices to track assets. You can also create new infrastructure with asset manager. Some of its features include the ability to track assets and generate various reports.