Tips for Efficient and Dynamic Asset Management Software

Once your asset management software is up and running, that is when the hard work starts. Tailor your asset management software so that it is intuitive for your users — as well as the team can make full use of it — by following these five tips.

  1. De-clutter steps and processes. One of the biggest challenges is to get the team to fully engross the asset management software into their daily routine. The aim would be to replace any time consuming procedures and de-clutter the steps it takes to request and approve brand assets for marketing campaigns or other collateral.
  2. Identify the main user group. Establish the main user group that will use the asset management software the most. Research and understand how they will use the system, along with their main needs and requirements. Ensure that a more tailored system suits the needs of the team will be in place.
  3. Group all brand assets into well-defined catalogues. Strategically put your branded assets in specific group catalogues. You can sort them out by subject, process and file type or security. A well-defined process will help maximize the efficiency of your asset management software.
  4. It is all about the metadata. The data of your data is very important. The metadata will govern the asset management software and describe the association of brand assets more accurately. Users can easily locate the brand assets required. Asset management software is only as good as its metadata.
  5. Ensure that all brand assets have keywords. When your brand assets have keyword associations, they are so much accessible and are easy to find. Keywords enable users to search and locate their files swiftly. Keywords are assigned to as asset by linking the most common words that describe a certain asset, so users can search in organized categories for efficient collaboration.

By following the above tips, you should have enough guidance in implementing your asset management software. If you want to see how effective an asset management solution is for your brand, it would be a great idea to get a demo first.


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