Why IBOR is Good for Your Business


Portfolio investments may seem to be a very potential source of steady income. In fact, the income that you would get would surely be so much bigger than that of the average salary earner. However, you should also realize that there are also situations that could make or break your business. It is best that … [Read more…]

Portfolio Tracking Software


If you are an investor it can be likely that you want also to know your investment returns, but you want it also done yourself, for confidentiality. This can be a tough job to do because you have to track your contributions, the reinvested dividends made and others. With Portfolio Tracking Software however, this can … [Read more…]

Position Management: A Key to a Successful Business

position management

Building your position in all asset classes requires careful planning in the use of your resources when investing into alien territories. This is an essential element when strengthening the foundation of your business as well as widening its branches as it engulfs new and big opportunities. This makes position management a very important process of … [Read more…]

5 Fund Management Software for Your Assets

fund management

Fund management software can help your business stay profitable by reducing the inefficiencies and  er heller ikke altid nemtkeeping track of your assets in you’re the infrastructure of your company. Some programs can streamline the logistics of your business to decrease the number of employees you need. Asset management software can also keep track of … [Read more…]

Benefits of a Collateral Management System

portfolio management solution

The process of putting up collateral in exchange for a loan has long been a part of the lending process between businesses. With more institutions seeking credit, along with the introduction of new forms of technology, the scope of collateral management system has grown. Increased risks in the field of finance have inspired greater responsibility … [Read more…]

Taking Collateral, Reduces Credit Risk


In the modern industry of banking, it is set that collateral is mostly used over the counter trades. Collateral has been used for hundreds of years to provide security against the possibility of default payments by an opposing party in the field of business. The primary reason of taking collateral is to reduce credit risk … [Read more…]

The Different Types of Fund Management Software Solutions

Fund management software

Otherwise known as investment management systems, fund management software is generally classified by the types of investments they manage or by the platform used to perform fund management tasks. Fund management software can be standalone or fund management models used on common computer software. They can also be classified by the kind of client paying … [Read more…]

Main Components of Automated Corporate Actions Management

corporate actions management

The processing of corporate actions management remains to be source of risk for the global securities industry. Businesses usually take provisions that will protect them against losses because of processing errors. It remains to be one of the most complex, inefficient and manual functions that are still currently in the back office posing high operation … [Read more…]