How to increase your revenue with portfolio management

portfolio management solution

Business minded individuals often look for different ways on how to increase their net worth and revenue. They don’t primarily rely solely on their businesses as other means of earning income is always a welcomed addition. Investing in stocks, bonds, assets etc. is growing in popularity and it has slowly become more accessible to a … [Read more…]

Taking Collateral, Reduces Credit Risk


In the modern industry of banking, it is set that collateral is mostly used over the counter trades. Collateral has been used for hundreds of years to provide security against the possibility of default payments by an opposing party in the field of business. The primary reason of taking collateral is to reduce credit risk … [Read more…]

Automating investment performance measurement systems

investment performance measurement

Crunching the numbers to keep track your investment’s health and performance manually is a painstaking process that needs checking and rechecking. On the other hand, running the numbers through a investment performance measurement system gives accurate output at a fracture of a time, eliminating the lag period between performance evaluation, analysis, and documentation. Investment performance … [Read more…]

Real Time Market Data Management and Analytics

real time market data

Ask five people what “real time” is and you will likely get five different answers. For some, real time is deriving insights from data fast enough to positively affect change. For others, real time literally means real time, which is accessing and deriving insight at the speed of though. There might some people claiming that … [Read more…]