Differentiating Business vs. Tax Portfolio Management Solution

In a company, shares that are publicly traded are called common stock. Otherwise known as ordinary stock, these make up most of the trades that are executed in any given market. It is because of this that there are more traders in need of portfolio management solutions as these programs ensure that they make smart decisions with their money. A portfolio management solution provides investors with analyses, including charts and graphs, that show how individual stocks in the portfolio are performing. These solutions come in several types; two of the most common are for business and tax. Read on and get to know each of these portfolio management solutions better.

Business Portfolio Tracking Software

Investments made by a business need a portfolio management solution with more functionality. Aside from the ability to track a stock’s performance, portfolio management solutions for businesses also assist with bookkeeping and money management. Business-grade applications are not only customizable, they also give their users access to customer support and other services. Business portfolio tracking software allows for multiple accounts and users. There are also those that can be integrated into a company website to allow remote access to other investments. Business investment software can usually be tailored for various purposes, from in-house management to client investment management.

Portfolio Tracking Software for Taxes

Certain additional tax filing tax filings are necessary for firms or individuals who make investments in stocks or other securities. The government will analyze the filings differently based on whether the investments showed a loss or profit, and that’s where portfolio management solutions help. Applications help their users organize their finances year-round and before filing. They can even offer tax advice and be paired with tax-filing applications. These portfolio management solutions help users at various levels account for the changes in their stock portfolios and property account for the change in their tax filings.http://www.simcorp.com/solutions/by-business-need/portfolio-management