The Different Kinds of Financial Asset Management Systems

Effective financial asset management systems can mean the difference between an average investment portfolio and one that generates a significant amount of money. And this is even truer in unpredictable economies where the value of one investment can considerably fluctuate. Financial asset management systems gives a way for investors to realize the full potential of their investments, showing the risks and costs of the choices made. There are many different types of financial asset management systems, each designed to work with certain types of investments, from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and hedge funds.

Of course, there is more to financial asset management systems than just software. They can give investors and investment managers with the most recent news, upcoming events and useful courses to increase knowledge and understanding of the market. Asset management job listings are also offered for those looking for a new role or wanting to work their way up the career ladder. Here are the financial asset management systems used today.

  • Alternative Investment Solutions. Services and software related to all kinds of private equity, funds and other nontraditional investment communities.
  • Capital Markets Solutions. Services and software focused on securities, stock and bond markets and all other kinds of capital markets.
  • Global Custody. Solutions and software made for processing cross-border securities trade, keeping financial assets safe.
  • Hedge Fund Systems. Services and software related to all aspects of the hedge fund investment sector.
  • Mutual Funds/Unit Trusts. Services and software focused on the accounting, management and analysis of mutual funds and unit trust funds.
  • Performance Measurement. Financial asset management systems focused on delivering performance measurement and analysis to portfolios and funds.
  • Portfolio/Fund Management Systems. Financial asset management systems for portfolio/asset/fund management.
  • Portfolio Analytics. Financial asset management systems focused on analyzing funds and portfolios.

Wealth Management/Family Office. Services and software focused on givers of wealth management and family office services and products.