Real Time Market Data and its Prerogatives

position management

In finance, market data is price and trade-related data for a financial instrument reported by a trading venue such as a stock exchange. It gives traders and investors the right to know the latest price and see historical trends for instruments such as equities, fixed-income products, derivatives and currencies. It may also include other information … [Read more…]

The Different Types of Fund Management Software Solutions

Fund management software

Otherwise known as investment management systems, fund management software is generally classified by the types of investments they manage or by the platform used to perform fund management tasks. Fund management software can be standalone or fund management models used on common computer software. They can also be classified by the kind of client paying … [Read more…]

Main Components of Automated Corporate Actions Management

corporate actions management

The processing of corporate actions management remains to be source of risk for the global securities industry. Businesses usually take provisions that will protect them against losses because of processing errors. It remains to be one of the most complex, inefficient and manual functions that are still currently in the back office posing high operation … [Read more…]

Automating investment performance measurement systems

investment performance measurement

Crunching the numbers to keep track your investment’s health and performance manually is a painstaking process that needs checking and rechecking. On the other hand, running the numbers through a investment performance measurement system gives accurate output at a fracture of a time, eliminating the lag period between performance evaluation, analysis, and documentation. Investment performance … [Read more…]

Real Time Market Data Management and Analytics

real time market data

Ask five people what “real time” is and you will likely get five different answers. For some, real time is deriving insights from data fast enough to positively affect change. For others, real time literally means real time, which is accessing and deriving insight at the speed of though. There might some people claiming that … [Read more…]

How to become an Asset Manager

asset management

Why would anyone want to be an asset manager in the first place? For many, is it because that is where the money is. Companies such as State Street Global Advisers and Vanguard all has in excess 1 trillion dollars under management. Overall you can say, that the purpose of asset management also is to … [Read more…]

How to keep risk levels under control

Every company face different kinds of risks. A risk can for example be faced in the production due to machinery breakdown or other unforeseen happenings. Overall, business risks can be categorized into two levels; internal risks and external risks. The first contains risks arising from matters that takes place within the organization, such as the … [Read more…]

Get better insights in social media


Social media has become a complex character over time, and more and more advanced as well. Of course, new inventions advance over time, but especially with social medias – the only right thing is to keep up! Sometimes I think I am really lacking some Facebook insights, and I think a course in it could … [Read more…]