Get better insights in social media

Social media has become a complex character over time, and more and more advanced as well. Of course, new inventions advance over time, but especially with social medias – the only right thing is to keep up! Sometimes I think I am really lacking some Facebook insights, and I think a course in it could help me alot in certain situations. But courses in social media are very expensive at the time, probably due to the increased demand, and therefore I thought to myself that there must be some other way to learn more about it. A good and very accessible tool is – maybe a bit obvious – the Internet. The fastest and easiest way is to google ‘Facebook insights’, but you can also work your way around it in another way. I think, that people working with social media marketing might have some of the best insights in social medias like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. so why not follow their online activities? Some companies are not afraid to share their knowledge, and that is to my benefit, since I gain a lot of free and applicable knowledge with great value and quality. They share everything from whitepapers, webinars and articles about how to create good and inspiring content or other relevant topics.


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